Just because you left, it doesn't mean that you are gone.


On a recent trip to Mali, we, Max Diaz and Lukas Baldrige (Mali PCVs 2010-2012), realized the power that this country holds over those who have visited and lived there. We had been gone for years, but the relationships and familiar feelings that we thought were behind us came alive as if we’d never left. Mali and its people do not easily leave the hearts of those that have been privileged enough to know them.

This is the reason why we created Kini Fe. Kini Fe, which means ‘right’ allows you to do just that. We wanted to give people the ability to do right by their loved ones in Mali. Doing right doesn’t mean charity, it means recognizing the commitment we made to stay involved with the people who let us in to their lives. Let us help you reacquire phone numbers, brush up on your local language, pass along greetings, and remind them that you still think and care about them. This program aims to do more than just simple gestures. Kini Fe, which also means ‘with rice’ wants to help you make a tangible impact.

Our goal is to reconnect RPCVs with their communities and have their presence felt by making it as easy as possible to participate in the community and eliminate all of the excuses that plague volunteers when they leave.

Help us give back to the ones that gave us so much during some of the hardest and most rewarding times of our lives.