The Kini Fe Team



Labass Gnono

Language and Culture Facilitator

Abdoulaye Coulibaly

Language and Culture Facilitator

Lukas Baldrige

RPCV Mali 2010-2012 - Kati Falaje

Kini Fe Founder

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Max Diaz

RPCV Mali 2010-2012 - Bla

Kini Fe Founder

Regional Coordinators: Lassine Diakite (Dioila), Brahima Diakite (Kita) and Madame Traore (Bougouni)

Kini Fe Advisors and Support Team: Bocar Bocoum and Paula Olson

African Sky

African Sky is an all volunteer organization devoted to building friendship and understanding between the people of Mali and the United States. Together with our friends and colleagues in Mali, African Sky promotes capacity building, empowers individuals through education, and develops innovative leaders for social change. Our philosophy of community development is based on the belief that humanity’s physical, ecological, and spiritual well-being is rooted in universal compassion and sustainable living.